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Working through Vanuatu Unified Services, new businesses have access to training and development in business-related topics unique to the Pacific.

Vanuatu Economy

V's economy is mainly agricultural with over 80-percent of the residents engaged in agricultural activities subsistence farming

Advantage Vanuatu

Vanuatu brings a politically stable business environment to the table. With no direct taxes or controls, taxes and fees are minimal.

Explore Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a popular offshore destination

From the moment you step off the jetway the ocean life envelopes you. A short flight from Australia and New Zealand, this archipelago remains practically untouched by the rest of the world. The opportunity for adventure and the chance to relax, wait for the traveler around every turn.

Explore the beaches, send a letter home from the underwater mailbox and at night enjoy the sunset that has inspired painters for generations. Adventures to places all over the islands can be reached from Port Villa. The rainforest and villages waiting to share culture and crafts are just a 35-minute drive.

Cool off in a pristine wonderland, enjoy a beach bbq and learn about traditional bush medicine and soak up the natives’ smiles. The cave of Luganville can be explored as a sleepy afternoon and then head off to explore the village of Santo. Incredible blue holes with water of jewel-like quality are just a 30-minute drive from Luganville through the coconut plantations.

Port Villa, on the main island, is at the edge of a magnificent natural harbor. Times gone by are invoked by the boats bobbing at anchor in the harbor. Getting a chance to reconnect, Villa is laid back and relaxed. Slide into island time as you pull short and slip into your sandals.

Champagne beach with some of the whitest sands in the world or hang out and explore the islands off the southern coast. Gallery island. Two-miles off the coast of marble river which narrows and then opens into another of Vanuatu’s blue holes.

Tanna Island (Sometimes spelled Tana)

Visitors can dine at the onsite restaurant at Volcanic Village

Visitors can dine at the onsite restaurant at Volcanic Village or take a leisurely walk to the nearest village, 10-minutes away. Tanna helps visitors make the most of discovering local culture and customs.

First settled around 400BC by Melanesians living on the surrounding islands, James Cook was attracted by the light of Mount Yasur. Landing in 1774 on the southeastern tip, he named Port Resolution after his ship, HMS Resolution.  Cook named the island Tanna from the local name for earth, tana in the Kwamera language.

While not a principal site during World War II, about 1,000 persons from the island were hired to perform minimal jobs on the American military base in Efate. Seeing first world living standards up close led to the development of cargo cults. The John Frum cult remains strong today.

Tanna and nearby Erromango were wrecked by cyclone Pam in March 2015, and an unknown number of people died.

Vanuatu has weather financial and economic storms as well. However, with a progressive government and forward-looking leadership, this is the right time to CBI citizenship by investment.

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