Vanuatu Unified Services – Sister Company of Bukh Global

This golden opportunity is made possible by the joint venture of Bukh Global and Cimex.

An experience of a life rests in the spirit of multiple individuals. That desire could be scaling  the Himalayas, navigate a vessel in the Atlantic, camping on a celestial evening on an archipelago in the South Pacific, or something else. That idea may include the drive to begin life afresh in a different country.

Notwithstanding your goal, you want somebody to lead you. Someone to describe the journey and show the possible obstacles and tests; allowing you to avoid mistakes.

You don’t want simply anyone as a leader. You want someone with the acumen.

Founded by Arkady Bukh, Bukh Global has become the premier agent for individuals and families seeking Citizenship by Investment opportunities.

Bukh Global is the leading service provider in the field of investor immigration. With a robust online presence and citations in both print and online media, Bukh Global has built a strong brand and can deliver the highest quality service at the lowest price.

The awards Bukh Global has received recognize law firms, financiers, relocation specialists and global mobility professionals for expertise, excellence, and commitment to client services.

Awarded solely on merit and to the most deserving businesses nominated by clients and industry experts, Bukh Global is pleased that our value-centric business model has blossomed each year.

Internationally recognized as the experts, Bukh Global built a top-tier reputation for customer service. Whether in a courtroom in Manhattan working for a client’s rights in an international arena, or being intimate with life in the South Pacific.