Benefits of Vanuatu 2nd Citizenship include:

  • Fast service — most Vanuatu passports are issued in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Duel citizenship — there are no restrictions on dual citizenship
  • No visit required — You are not required to live in Vanuatu or visit to keep your Vanuatu passport
  • Tax heaven — Vanuatu has no income, wealth, capital gains, estate or inheritance taxes
  • Privacy — There is no tax treaty exchange, so bank and commercial privacy are guaranteed

Reasonable fees and costs — 200,000 USD covers the main applicant, 235,000 USD covers a family of 4 (main applicant, spouse, and two minor children). There is a fee for additional family members depending on age.

For Vanuatu, opening an attractive tax regime to promote offshore financial institutions is a methodology of drawing skilled professionals, economic wisdom, and currency. Expats who have found their way to the island nation have triggered demand for improved schooling, better health care, and comprehensive services.

That has helped the nation develop tourism, an industry now representing over 50% of the economy.

Another benefit is not hidden, but it’s not common knowledge, either. Even persons who have been denied a passport by Caribbean nations can still get a Vanuatu passport. While Caribbean nations pool information on applicants who were turned down, Vanuatu’s government bases their decisions on their conclusions — not someone else’s


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There are other benefits such as Vanuatu’s passport allows visa-free movement globally. The world is your oyster with 2nd citizenship in the island nation. Travel, visa-free to over 100 nations, the UK and Schengen area nations.

An essential offshore financial center, Vanuatu’s 2016 GDP topped $774 million. Citizens are not taxed and working with Bukh Global shows the owner of a Vanuatu passport how to diversify a financial investment portfolio.

Do you know the secret to an enjoyable life? Bukh Global does and they can show you what hundreds of Americans find each year. Call Vanuatu Unified Services today and start enjoying life again tomorrow.