A Vanuatu passport permits visa-free entry to over 125 nations including all European Union nations, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Vanuatu citizens are allowed to apply for Australian Visitor Visas (subclass 600) and American Tourist Visas and others.

Nationals of any European Union state within the Schengen Area is allowed to enter Vanuatu visa-free for up to 90-days within any 180-day period.

Benefits Of A Vanuatu Passport

  • Dual Citizenship

While there are no restrictions from Vanuatu regarding dual citizenship, the applicant’s home country may have some.

  • Visa-Free Travel

Your Vanuatu passport grants visa-free travel to over 100 nations. Persons with a Vanuatu citizenship are also allowed to apply for Australian Visitor Visas and American Tourist Visas.

  • No Need To Visit

There are no requirements for a Vanuatu passport holder to live in or visit Vanuatu to keep the passport.

  • Easy Requirements To Acquire

Just have a clean criminal record and pay the fees. Citizenship in Vanuatu is among the easiest in the world for anyone looking to establish secondary citizenship.

  • Don’t Forget The Paradise

Vanuatu is a prime destination for travelers looking for a unique tropical destination that is untouched by hordes of tourists.


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