Vanuatu Unified Services can help in obtaining a forex (foreign exchange) license. Anyone who wants to enter the lucrative business of exchanging foreign currencies can tap into the three trillion dollars in foreign exchange which happens each day.

Other Benefits

  • No limitations on nationality when it comes to directors or owners
  • Quick approval
  • Inexpensive license fees
  • Small upfront investment
  • Bookkeep reports not needed
  • Accounting reports unrequired
  • Zero audit reports
  • Low investment to become owner/operator

The secret is to be sure to have a legitimate license. Bukh Global can help obtain a forex license and explain the law, so you operate ethically and legally.


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What Is Included With Your Forex License

  • The registration of the forex license
  • Name check
  • Legal verification
  • A company filing to gain legal protection
  • Preparation and registration of the license application documents
  • Filing and registration with notary and government officials
  • Certification by notary
  • Filing fees
  • Corporate kit and record book
  • Registration and license certificates
  • Board meeting minutes documents
  • Bank account opening resolution
  • Office rent resolution
  • Resolution to choose a company attorney
  • Resolution to choose an accountant
  • Agreement on employment
  • Nondisclosure agreement for employees
  • Non-compete agreement
  • Power of attorney
  • Director registration
  • Shareholder register

Should life be stress-filled or stress-free? With your citizenship in Vanuatu you can leave the stress and build your business in the relaxing environment hundreds of other entrepreneurs enjoy each year. Contact Bukh Global today to learn more.