While not one of the well known offshore destinations people usually think about when looking at international diversification, Vanuatu has things to offer. Offshore company formation, banking and the perfect lifestyle choice for the right people.

Very similar to other international business laws globally, the Vanuatu International Companies Act came into being in 1992.

Several features make Vanuatu an attractive place to form an offshore business.

  • No corporate tax for international or domestic/resident companies
  • No auditing requirements
  • Low international provide unlike the British Virgin Islands
  • Vanuatu government provides a high level of privacy and is easy to navigate
  • Fees for forming and maintaining a Vanuatu business are low.


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The laws regulating corporations in Vanuatu are:

  • The International Companies Act,
  • The Companies Act, and
  • The Banking Insurance, Stamp Duties and Trust Companies Act

Because of the regulations and they way they are structure, Vanuatu-based businesses see many benefits including:

  • No corporate tax imposed,
  • Corporations do not have to disclose the owner or shareholders,
  • A corporation is rquired to have a minimal number of shareholders — one,
  • Corporations can issue bearer shares to protect privacy of shareholders, and
  • The minimum ahtorized share capital of corporations is $300(USD)