Why Vanuatu Is Preferred Over Other Destinations By Foreign Investors

If people chose nations in which to start a new life like they select restaurants to end hunger, life would be simple. Everything else being equal, food quality, atmosphere and the ever mysterious ‘ambiance,’ they would settle on the one with the best customer service.

Life is more complicated than just choosing where to eat. For some, selecting a new country to call home is the most difficult decision they will ever make. People are drawn to different nations for individual reasons. What is one reason?

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy,” as seen on a T-shirt on Tana.

A small republic with less than a quarter-million people, Vanuatu is an archipelago of over 80 islands in the South Pacific. The island nation’s programs to grand citizenship came into effect last January and had become significantly valuable after visa waiver agreements with Russia and the Schengen region.

What’s The Appeal?

While about a dozen nations have Citizenship by Investment Programs or CIP, they each update the conditions of their program to gather more applicants.

Vanuatu sustains its winning hand by record processing time and the low processing fee. Any foreign person who invests at least $130,000 can apply for citizenship. That’s almost two times lower than before. The investor can list their spouse and two children for the same rate. In Saint Lucia, for example, the minimal investment stands at $100,000 for a sole applicant and the price increased to $190,000 in case two people apply.

The Vanuatu government’s response is less than 30 days — twice as fast as any other nation. With Vanuatu’s Russian agreement, Vanuatu passport owners may travel to Russia visa-free.

Passport Price Calculation

There are more advantages to becoming a Vanuatuan. The passport allows visa-free movement globally — including more than 110 nations.  No other CIP comes close.

The country’s GDP, in 2016, exceeded $774 million and is now a vital offshore financial center in the region. Citizens are not subjected to income taxes, estate taxes or capital gains.

Unlike other nations, the second citizenship of Vanuatu is confidential, and no third parties are involved or told of the arrangement. With Vanuatu’s broad and diverse recognition of not dual, but multiple, citizenships, there is never a need to renounce primary citizenship. With no residency requirements, an applicant can choose not to stay in the country — before, during or after filing a citizenship application.

Even individuals denied a passport by other nations can still have a shot with Vanuatu. Countries with CIP often share information on unsuccessful applicants. The decision makers in Vanuatu base their decision on their conclusion, not the data someone else gives them. The country’s CIP may end up being the last resort for foreign investors who have been rejected elsewhere.

It’s All Yours

Once the requirements are met and the steps complete, the second passport of Vanuatu is all yours. Valid for five years, the passport is renewed for the same amount of time, but the citizenship is granted for an indefinite period and is inheritable by future generations.

The Takeaway

Take time to do what makes your soul happy. Visit Vanuatu.